During Studies

Welcome to the OTH Regensburg! We are very excited that you have decided to study with us.

For all of you who are completely new to the university, we have compiled important information about starting your studies.

If you have already studied in Germany but would like to change your study programme, please note: You must inform the Foreigners' Registration Office ("Ausländerbehörde") about a change of your study programme as early as possible! Otherwise your stay is illegal!

There are numerous offers for international students at the university.

  • In our moodle course for international students you will get a lot of information about the organization of your studies and will be reminded of important dates. Here you will also find the access data for the open Zoom consultation hour. The best thing to do is to register now! Please select OTH Regensburg as your university and enter your user ID.

    • Mentoring "first steps"
      The mentoring programme "first steps" is aimed at all first-year students at OTH Regensburg, both German and international students. A student in a higher semester (mentor) supports a first-semester student (mentee) for a period of one semester. The aim is to make it easier for the student to start studying in a foreign country or city and to get to know the associated everyday life.
    • Student Group (Hochschulgruppe) for Refugees
      The student group is a joint project of OTH Regensburg and the University of Regensburg with CampusAsyl and is aimed at students with and without a refugee background. The participants undertake numerous activities together and have the opportunity to support each other with questions about studying. This project is made possible by WELCOME, a programme funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Please find further information here (only available in German).

  • For international students, it can be especially challenging to study in German, to find their way in everyday study life, to establish social contacts and to orientate themselves professionally. We regularly offer workshops for international students on all these topics.

  • Are you looking for an internship or a job? You need help with the preparation of your application documents? You are welcome to contact us by email to make an individual counseling appointment or to briefly stop by our open Zoom consultation hours to find a date.

    Contact: Anna Boger, international-students(at)oth-regensburg.de

    You can find the access data for the consultation hours in the moodle course for international students.

  • Support services for Ukrainian students and academics


    Financial Aid for International Degree-Seeking Students

    International degree-seeking students can apply for financial aid from the 3rd curriculum term (Bachelor) or 2nd curriculum term (Master) onward. Funding is granted after checking the requirements in each individual case and according to the availability of funds. The financial aid is financed by the Bavarian state universities of applied sciences. An application is possible every semester.


    • no financial support through BAföG
    • proven financial need
    • recognizable academic success

    Application deadlines: April 15 (summer semester) and October 31 (winter semester)

    You can find the application form here (only available in German).

    Contact: Sarah Ostermeier, international-students(at)oth-regensburg.de


    Money for Books (Oskar-Karl-Forster Grant)

    From the 2nd semester at the earliest, you can apply for money to buy books (Oskar-Karl-Forster Grant; only available in German). It is a one-time grant to purchase books or other study materials.



    There is further information about scholarships on the website of OTH Regensburg's Career Service. Contact: careerservices(at)oth-regensburg.de



    The Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (BAföG; only available in German) is an inexpensive way to finance a first-degree course. Within the standard period of study, one half of it is granted as an interest-free loan and the other half as a grant, i.e. one half is given as a gift. International degree-seeking students receive BAföG only in very limited cases.

    In any case, you should seek advice from the Office for Educational Support (Amt für Ausbildungsförderung).

    Further information on BAföG:

    Universität Regensburg
    Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz - Amt für Ausbildungsförderung
    Albertus-Magnus-Str. 4
    93053 Regensburg


    Emergeny fund of the DAAD foundation

    The emergency fund of the DAAD foundation helps in case an unexpected stroke of fate or a sudden damaging event occurs which threatens the ability to continue one's studies. The situation should not be caused by one's own making and all other resources (e.g. scholarships, financial aid by the university, assistance from family/friends, student jobs, other personal options to receive support, student loans, alternative solutions) must be exhausted.



Please find further important and useful information in our moodle course Infos für internationale Studierende.