Validation of the OTH Regensburg card

Once you have re-registered, you can validate your OTH Regensburg card for the next semester. This is possible for a summer semester from March and for a winter semester from September at the validation terminals. You will find the terminals at the following locations:

  • location Seybothstraße 2: entrance area Seybothstraße at the Infopoint, in front of and by the Cip-Pools
  • location Galgenbergstraße 30: entrance area of the lecture hall building at the forum
  • location Galgenbergstraße 32: entrance area of building K
  • location Prüfeninger Straße 58: central area – main floor

If you use the semester ticket, please note that you must first validate your OTH Regensburg card at the beginning of the semester.