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General using E-Mai-List at OTH Regensburg

What is a Mailing List?

An electronic mailing list or email list is a special use of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to users.
The Software “Mailman” allows you an easy handling with the Mailing List. Users can easily inform therselfs about the Lists, add by themselfe or remove from the list.
They can also skip from the List for a certain time. There are several different Mailing Lists: Announcement list, Discussion list and Mailing list.

Discussion list: Another type of electronic mailing list is a discussion list, in which any subscriber may post. On a discussion list, a subscriber uses the mailing list to send messages to all the other subscribers, who may answer in similar fashion. Thus, actual discussion and information exchanges can happen. Mailing lists of this type are usually topic-oriented (for example, politics, scientific discussion, health problems, joke contests), and the topic may range from extremely narrow to “whatever you think could interest us”. In this they are similar to Usenet newsgroups, another form of discussion group that may have an aversion to off-topic messages.

Announcement list: One type of electronic mailing list is an announcement list, which is used primarily as a one-way conduit of information and may only be “posted to” by selected people. This may also be referred to by the term newsletter. Newsletter and promotional emailing lists are employed in various sectors as parts of direct marketing campaigns.

What kind of features has a Mailing List at OTH Regensburg?


  • Size of a topic is limited by 5 MB.
  • You can't archive something.

How long will the Mailing List exist?

The liftime is unlimited. The usage of the Mailinglist will be verfied once a semester. If there is no activty on the server the list will be deleted. You can make an application in 30 days. The Listowner gets automatically a message from deletion.

Hwo can apply for a Mailing List?

All members of OTH Regensburg.

You have to register at the List System and use the online form “Liste anlegen/Create List”.

How does the list work?

You will finde some help on:

Register for the Mailing List

Open “” and use the Register butten on the right side.

Options to register:

  • CC-Account and RZ-Password
  • CC-E-Mail and RZ-Password
  • CC-Funktionsadressen and Password (next Topic)

Can I use an external E-Mail adress for registery?

Use the button “Erste Anmeldung?/First Login?” bzw. “Passwort vergessen?/Lost password?” on “” (left

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