Labor für Angewandte Politikanalyse


  • Intelligence and Analysis
  • Human Factors
  • Multinationale virtuelle Zusammenarbeit
  • Internationale Krisenstäbe
  • Ressortübergreifende Zusammenarbeit

GLOBE - Exercise for Virtual Collaboration in International Crisis Management

The GLOBE exercise was founded in 2012 in cooperation with the Federal University of Applied Science Mannheim. Intention of the exercise is to provide a learning platform for students who are interested in managing and organizing a multinational, deployed and comprehensive crisis management operation.

The framework scenario represents a UN lead mission with a deployed country team and a headquarter as support element. The scripting of the scenario provides injects for three days of work. Main events and story lines are oriented on real mission experiences. Main incidents and injects are designed to trigger management and leadership processes in the headquarter.

The implementation and control of the exercise is organised by different teams:

  • Exercise Control
  • Exercise Evaluation
  • Scripting Team
  • White Cell (Role Play)
  • Training Audience

History of GLOBE

NEXUS GLOBE (Winter 2019/20)

  • Framework scenario: UNAMA
  • Numbers of participants: 55
  • Multinational partners: Technological Education Institute Crete, University of Galsgow, Charles University of Prague

META GLOBE (Summer 2019)

LUCENT GLOBE (Winter 2018/19)

    KEY GLOBE (Summer 2018)

      JOINT GLOBE (Winter 2017/18)

      IMPACT GLOBE (Summer 2017)

      HORIZON GLOBE (Winter 2016/17)

      GO GLOBE (Summer 2016)

      FACILITATE GLOBE (Winter 2015/16)

      ENGAGED GLOBE (Summer 2015)

      DEPLOYED GLOBE (Winter 2014/15)

      COLLABORATIVE GLOBE (Summer 2014)

      BYWAYS GLOBE (Winter 2013/15)

      ADRESS GLOBE (Summer 2013)