Academic counselling

Academic counselling is provided in the faculties by the Academic Counsellors:

FacultyDegree ProgrammeName
General Studies and Microsystems EngineeringInternational Relations and Management (B)Prof. Dr. Markus Bresinsky
Electrical and Microsystems Engineering (M)Prof. Dr. Rupert Schreiner
Microsystems Technology (B)Prof. Dr. Alfred Lechner
Sensor Technology and Analytics (B)Prof. Dr. Thomas Peterreins
Social and Health Care SciencesLogopedics (B)Prof. Dr. Nina Lauer
Management and Communications (part-time) (M)Prof. Dr. Irmgard Schroll-Decker
Music and Movement Orientated Social Work (B)Prof. Renate Kühnel
Nursing Management (B)Prof. Dr. Annette Meussling-Sentpali
Nursing Science (B)Prof. Dr. Christa Mohr
Physiotherapy (B)Prof. Dr. Andrea Pfingsten
Social Work (B)Prof. Dr. Irmgard Schroll-Decker
Social Work (extra-occupational) (B) Prof. Dr. Nicolas Schöpf
Social Work - Inclusion and Exclusion (M)Prof. Dr. Irmgard Schroll-Decker
Social Work – Social Services at Schools (B)Prof. Dr. Irmgard Schroll-Decker
ArchitectureArchitecture (B) Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hierl
Architecture and context (M)Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hierl
Historical Building Research (M)Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kurapkat
Building Climate Control (B)Prof. Dr. Cornelia Bieker
Industrial Design (B)

Prof. Jakob Timpe

Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering (B) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bulenda
Civil Engineering (M) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bulenda
Business Administration (part-time)Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hennevogel
Business StudiesBusiness Studies (B)Prof. Dr. Bernd Wolfrum
Business Studies (M)Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schöntag
Business Studies (extra-occupational) (B)Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH) Peter Michl M.A
European Business Studies (B)Prof. Dr. Michael Höschl
European Business Studies (M)Prof. Dr. Nina Leffers
Human Resource Management (M)Prof. Dr. Susanne Nonnast
Logistics (M)Prof. Dr. Werner Bick
Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyApplied Research in Engineering Sciences (M)Prof. Dr. Anton Horn
Automotive Electronics (part-time)Prof. Dr. Christian Schimple
Electrical Engineering  and Information Technology (B)Prof. Dr. Mikhail Chamonine
Electromobility and Power Networks (M)Prof. Dr. Franz Graf
Mechatronics (B)Prof. Dr. Robert Sattler
Renewable Energy Engineering and Energy Efficiency (B)

Prof. Dr. Birgit Rösel
Prof. Dr. Manfred Bruckmann

Computer Science and MathematicsBusiness Information Technology (B)Prof. Dr. Daniel Jobst
Computer Science (B)Prof. Dr. Christoph Skornia
Computer Science (M)Prof. Dr. Markus Kucera
Mathematics (B)Prof. Dr. Martin Weiß
Mathematics (M)Prof. Dr. Martin Weiß
Medical Information Technology (B)Prof. Dr. Christoph Palm
Technical Computer Science (B)Prof. Dr. Richard Roth
Mechanical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering (B)Prof. Dr. Sebastian Dendorfer
Mechanical Engineering (B)Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagner
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schaeffer
Mechanical Engineering (M)Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagner
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schaeffer
Medical Engineering (M)Prof. Dr. Sebastian Dendorfer
Manufacturing and Automation (B)Prof. Dr. Björn Lorenz
Industrial Engineering (M)Prof. Dr. Björn Lorenz
Mechatronic Systems Engineering (B)Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bock