Welcome to Your Studies at OTH Regensburg

...and to a new phase of life. In order to make your start at OTH Regensburg as smooth as possible, we have compiled the most basic information for you here. You will receive further information in the course of your studies, on our website and in the e-learning course that we have specifically designed for the beginning of your studies. Please note that the information provided in this course is mainly in German. Please register for the course regardless, as you will receive important updates and information from your faculties via this course. For further information in English, please visit the website of our International Office.

Welcome Ceremony for First-Semester Students (Winter Semester 2022/2023)

On behalf of President Prof. Dr. Ralph Schneider, we invite you to the welcome ceremony for all first-semester students, which will take place on Tuesday, October 4, 2022 at 9 a.m. on the campus of OTH Regensburg (Seybothstraße 2, 93053 Regensburg).

Agenda on October 4:

  • 8.00 - 9.00 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.: Information about studying at the information booths
  • 8.30 - 9.00 a.m.: Meditation and reflection at the start of the semester (Studierendenhaus)
  • 9.00 - 9.45 a.m.: Welcome remarks by the president of OTH Regensburg, the mayor of Regensburg and the student representatives of OTH Regensburg
  • afterwards: Welcome speeches by the individual faculties
Angewandte Natur- und KulturwissenschaftenG 001/G002
ArchitekturL Halle A
BauingenieurwesenS 051
BetriebswirtschaftS 054
Elektro- und InformationstechnikS 054
Informatik und MathematikFoyer K-Gebäude
MaschinenbauD 001/D 002/D 003
Angewandte Sozial- und Gesundheitswissenschaften

S 052/S 053

Angewandte Natur- und Kulturwissenschaften10:00 Uhr    Dekanin Prof. Dr. Katherine GürtlerG 001/G002
Architektur09:45 Uhr    Dekan Prof. Andreas EmmingerL Halle A
Bauingenieurwesen09:45 Uhr    Dekan Prof. Andreas OttlS 051
Betriebswirtschaft09:45 Uhr    Dekan Prof. Dr. Alexander UrbanS 054
Elektro- und Informationstechnik10:00 Uhr    Dekan Prof. Dr. Rainer HolmerA 001
Informatik und Mathematik09:45 Uhr    Vizepräsident Prof. Dr. Christoph SkorniaFoyer K-Gebäude
Maschinenbau09:45 Uhr    Dekan Prof. Dr. Ulrich BriemD 001/D 002/D 003
Angewandte Sozial- und Gesundheitswissenschaften09:45 Uhr    Dekan Prof. Dr. Carl HeeseS 052/S 053

The rooms of the greetings are marked in this overview.

5 Things You Should Know at the Beginning of Your Studies

After you have received your RZ-identification number (abc12345), many portals of OTH Regensburg are automatically available to you.

There are several web services at OTH Regensburg that are important to you and your studies. For an overview, please have a look at this video  (Please note: Mobility Online is only used by exchange students, but the other services depicted in the video are relevant to you as well).

After you have changed your password for the first time, you can start. First, you should activate your student email address and check it regularly. You can find your virtual lectures in the ELO e-learning portal (moodle), access your class schedule via WebUntis, and manage your profile and exams in the Student Service Portal (SSP)/HISinOne. And to participate in virtual lectures, you should install the Zoom App. Here, you also have automatic access via Single-Sign-On (SSO) with your RZ-identification number.

The OTH App is also available since winter semester 2020/2021. The app is available for download free of charge in the known stores.

In the next step, you should validate your OTH Regensburg Card.

The campus map and our website with maps of the additional buildings at Prüfeninger Straße or at TechBase Regensburg show you where to find lecture halls, dining halls, cafeterias, and laboratories. And speaking of Prüfeninger Straße: If you are studying at the Faculty of Civil Engineering- or Applied Social and Health Sciences, the premises there are interesting for you. Most other courses of study take place mainly on the campus at Galgenbergstraße and Seybothstraße - easily accessible by car, bus, or train.

So far, it was natural that one automatically meets one’s fellow students on campus and communicates with them there. In times of the coronavirus, however, a little more creativity is needed here. For example, the students have created their own student chat.

Of course, you can also contact the student representatives and the “Fachschaften” (student representatives from your subject area) digitally, e.g., by email or via social media. If you take part in mentoring or tandem projects, you will benefit from the experience of more advanced students. And often the discussion forums within the ELO (moodle) courses also offer the opportunity to form study groups or to simply exchange ideas. And remember: Do not hesitate to ask questions because the answers may help those who have not had the courage to ask.

The good news first: For first-semester students, the class schedules are available at the beginning of the semester in WebUntis – even without logging in. Familiarize yourself with your schedule and find out whether your lectures are taking place on campus or virtually. You should also check your faculty's website and follow the news and bulletin boards there.

The information sessions for first-semester students also give a good insight into your studies and they can serve as a first point of contact for you to your fellow classmates.


  • Have you received your RZ-identification number and changed your password?
  • Have you set up your student email address?
  • Have you found your class schedule?
  • Have you noted down the dates and times for the information sessions for first-semester students?
  • Have you downloaded Zoom and activated the OTH account?
  • Have you received and activated your semester ticket (OTH Regensburg Card)?

You are already well prepared for the start of the semester. Register now for the general ELO (moodle) course for the beginning of your studies. Here (and in the advanced courses of the faculties), you will get a lot more information about OTH Regensburg. In addition, the website of the Student Advisory Service is always worth a visit.

We wish you a good start at OTH Regensburg!