Re-registration for Students in their Final Semester

  1. Please do not make a pro forma bank transfer during the regular re-registration period.
  2. Whether you have to re-register depends on when your last exam results for the successful completion of your studies (usually the final thesis) were announced electronically in SSP and when this result was determined by the responsible examination board. You will be de-registered ex officio at the end of the semester in which both required factors occurred. If one of the items occurs in the new semester (winter smester from 1 October or summer semester from 15 March), there is an obligation to re-register. The examination result of the final thesis is regularly determined during the current semester if the written version of the final thesis is submitted at least two months before the end of the semester (summer semester: 30 July or winter semester: 14 January). For this purpose, the assessment must be made by the examiner by the eighth day before the end of the semester at the latest. Please clarify the date of submission and the correction time with your supervisor. It is not possible to de-register retroactively to the previous end of the semester!
  3. Please wait for the announcement of grades to see whether all examinations have been passed. Please see the timetable.
  4. If you need to re-register, you can make the bank transfer in the time between the announcement of the grades and the end of the semester.
  5. Five working days later you can use the Studierenden-Serviceportal (SSP)   to check whether your transfer has been received correctly and whether you have been re-registered.

Here you can view details of the current re-registration fee, the bank details and the payment reference on the bank transfer.