Course overview - Degree programmes

Degree programmes offered at OTH Regensburg

OTH Regensburg offers numerous degree programmes in engineering, business studies, design and social services.

  • As part of the ongoing higher education reforms in Germany, the undergraduate degree programmes (Bachelor courses) are superseding the courses with final diplomas.
  • Have you already graduated and do you wish to continue your studies? If so, we offer courses in which you can build on your first degree and enrol in a consecutive Master degree programme.
  • We can also offer you an opportunity to attend a part-time postgraduate programme as part of our extensive range of second degree programme.
  • Applications for the discontinued diploma degree programmes can only be considered for a higher semester.
  • Find out when your degree programme starts, whether in the summer or winter semester for Bachelor or Master degree programme, whether the course is part-time or has to be taken as a dual programme, and about our part-time Bachelor programmes and planned study courses.



Degree programmes Bachelor Master
Applied Research in Engineering Sciences (accredited)  
Architecture (accredited)     
Automotive Electronics (part-time, accredited) 
Building Archeology (accredited)  
Building Climate Control (accredited)  
Business Administration (part-time, accredited) (MBA) 
Business Information Technology (accredited)  
Business Studies (accredited)    
Business Studies (part-time, accredited) 
Biomedical Engineering (accredited)  
Civil Engineering (accredited)  
Civil Engineering (accredited)  
Computer Engineering (accredited)  
Computer Science (accredited)    
Electrical and Microsystems Engineering (accredited)  
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (accredited)  
Electromobility and Power Networks (accredited)  
European Business Studies    
Human Resource Management (accredited)  
Industrial Engineering (accredited)  
Industrial Design  
International Relations and Management (accredited)  
Logistics (accredited)  
Logopedics (only available in German)  
Management and Communications (part-time, accredited) 
Manufacturing and Automation (accredited)  
Mathematics (accredited)    
Mechanical Engineering (accredited)    
Mechatronics (accredited)  
Mechatronic Systems Engineering (part-time, accredited) 
Medical Informatics (accredited)  
Medical Engineering
Microsystems Technology (accredited)  
Music and Movement Oriented Social Work (accredited)  
Nursing Management (part-time, accredited*)  
Nursing Science (Dual) (accredited)  
Physiotherapy (accredited*)
Renewable Energy Engineering and Energy Efficiency (accredited)  
Sensor Technology and Analytics (accredited)  
Social Work (accredited)  
Social Work - Inclusion and Exclusion (accredited)  
Social Work – Social Services at Schools (accredited)  

* System Accreditation