Health Insurance

In Germany, all students are required to have health insurance, i.e. when enrolling at a university, students must present the insurance certificate from a statutory insurance company and a registration certificate in duplicate. Without this certificate you cannot commence your studies.

There are several possibilities to be covered by statutory health insurance:

  • through a family insurance plan,
  • through a special student health insurance
  • through a voluntary health insurance plan for students

The information on student health insurance (Infoblatt available only in German) shows you which form of health insurance is applicable.

Exemption from compulsory insurance:

As a student, you can also be exempted from compulsory insurance and take out private insurance, for example. In this case, you must contact a statutory health insurance company with a private insurance certificate. You will receive a notice of exemption and an insurance certificate with the note "exempt from compulsory insurance". These documents must be presented upon enrollment at the university. The exemption cannot be revoked. It is valid as long as you study.

Please note: If you change your health insurance company, you must submit a new insurance certificate in the special form for students to the Service Office. The matriculation number and course of study must be indicated.

Accident Insurance

Students are covered by statutory accident insurance during their education and training at universities.

Accidents on a route to and from the place of work related to the insured activity also apply (Section 8 para. 2 no. 1-4 SGB VII).

When assessing the insurance cover, it is important to consider whether the activity is part of the university's organizational area of responsibility. It is always necessary that there is an essential internal connection between the education and training at the university and the student's activity.

In the case of students, this association only applies to study-related activities that are carried out in direct temporal and spatial connection with the university and its facilities. In addition to direct participation in university events, these activities include visiting other higher education institutions, such as libraries, seminars and institutes for study purposes or participating in excursions, but not studies or work in the private or domestic sphere, even if they are required as preparation for examinations. It is always crucial that the activity - if it is to be covered by insurance - is part of the university's organizational responsibilities.

Students complete an internship as stipulated in the study and examination regulations either before, during or after finishing their studies. Likewise, non-compulsory internships that are completed in connection with the studies for reasons of practicality are possible as well. In the case of these internships, the university has no direct influence on the way in which they are carried out or on the procedure. During the internship, the students are integrated into the company's operations and thus meet the requirements for employees according to Section 2, Paragraph 1, No. 1 SGB VII. It is irrelevant for the evaluation of the internships under accident insurance law whether they are mandatory or voluntary in the study and examination regulations. The accident insurance institution covering the internship company is responsible (Section 133 Paragraph 1 SGB VII).

If you have any questions regarding this information, only the Bayerische Landesunfallkasse can provide answers. We recommend sending an E-Mail.

Any such accident must be reported immediately, i.e. without undue delay, to the Admissions and Organization Office by means of an accident report ( Unfallanzeige ) or, in addition, by means of a commuter accident questionnaire ( Wegeunfallfragebogen ) sent by E-Mail.

Liability Insurance

Students are liable for any personal injury and damage to property caused by him or her in connection with their studies (especially during the practical semesters and when preparing their thesis) in accordance with the general liability regulations. As a rule, you will continue to be co-insured during your studies through your parents, provided that a private liability insurance policy has been taken out. However, since students work with high-quality, sometimes very sensitive equipment throughout their studies, especially during technical exercises and internships, and since this equipment is not covered by the parents' liability insurance, we recommend that you inquire about extended liability insurance. You will find further information and the application form in this information sheet ( Informationsblatt.)

Pension and Unemployment Insurance

Students who do not have a job on the side do not have to pay into a pension insurance plan. This also applies to the period of the compulsory internship, regardless of how much money you earn. However, if you work on the side, you and your employer may have to pay contributions to the statutory pension insurance. You are generally exempt from unemployment insurance.