Research Clusters of the OTH Alliance

Since early 2014 the alliance of the Universities of Applied Sciences of Amberg-Weiden and Regensburg has concentrated its joint research work in the following eleven research clusters:

[Please note that the following web pages are only available in German.]

  • Automation of Technical Systems (ATS)
  • East Bavarian Center for Intelligent Materials (CIM)
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building Materials and Methods (ERB)
  • Ethics, Technology Assessment, Sustainable Management (ETN)
  • R&D User Center for Information and Communication Technologies (IKT)
  • Designing with Plastics, with the focus on Jointing and Lightweight Construction (KmK)
  • Laboratory for Safe and Secure Systems (LaS³)
  • Sustainable Building and Historical Building Research (NBHB)
  • Nanochem (NaCh)
  • Electron-Optical and Optoelectronic Systems (LEOS)
  • Robotics, Algorithms, Communication Networks and Smart Grid (RAKS)

Within these research units, researchers from Regensburg and Amberg-Weiden work together along the OTH core themes.

The research clusters generally offer multifaceted collaboration opportunities for industrial partners, SMEs and other universities of applied sciences.