Study of architecture at the University of Karlsruhe (TH)

Employment, collaboration and scholarships for projects at the University of Karlsruhe, the German Archaeological Institute, the Reiss Museum Mannheim and the University of Constance
Participation in building research projects in Germany (medieval architecture in Görlitz and Esslingen a. N.), in Poland (modern architecture in Rybnica Lesna and Myslakowice) and in Italy (the medieval Castel del Monte) as well as in building archaeological research in Turkey (Iron Age architecture on Göllüdag, on Karatepe-Aslantas and early Neolithic architecture on Göbekli Tepe) and in Syria (Bronze Age architecture on Tell Djindaires)

Research associate at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin, Department 1, Structural Changes in Systems of Knowledge, Project History of Knowledge in Architecture

Doctorate in the field of archaeological building research at the Institute of Architecture at the Technical University of Berlin.
Topic: "Early Neolithic special buildings on Göbekli Tepe in Upper Mesopotamia and comparable buildings in the Near East".

Research assistant at the Technical University of Berlin, Department of Historical Building Research
Teaching in the Master's programme in Historic Preservation
Teaching research projects on modern architecture in Berlin and Brandenburg, architectural archaeological research in late antique and early Islamic Resafa, Syria

Research assistant in the architecture department of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin
Conception and implementation of international building research and monument preservation projects, including a project for the preliminary planning of the restoration of late Ottoman commercial buildings in the bazaar of Erbil, Iraq, in accordance with monument preservation requirements

Teaching at various institutes, universities and colleges in Erbil, Cottbus, Regensburg and Münster

Appointment to the Faculty of Architecture at the OTH Regensburg

Head of the interdisciplinary Master's programme in Building Archaeology
Application-oriented teaching of practical building research as a basis for monument preservation activities as well as teaching of building history in the architecture courses of the faculty