What we offer you

  1. Current text books, journals and works of reference in printed and electronic format on all courses which are taught at the university, plus literature on related areas such as politics and religion to broaden and supplement the range of subjects.
  2. Regional, national and international daily and weekly newspapers
  3. Free searches in specialist commercial databases
  4. E-books and online press articles
  5. Free internet access
  6. Courses showing you how to get the most out of our information resources and media by using them efficiently and productively. These include: Library inductions, OPAC searches, handling complex professional databases, operating the Citavi reference management programme…

OTH Regensburg Library

The library of the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg is a scientific universal library with the focus on applied social sciences, engineering and business. The library is a central facility of OTH Regensburg and responsible for its supply of scientific literature and information.

Like the OTH itself, the library is housed at two sites: 

The new OTH library building in Seybothstrasse houses literature on subjects ranging from business studies through electrical engineering to the social sciences, in keeping with the faculties which are based here. 

The resources at the branch of the library in Pruefeninger Strasse reflect the faculties of architecture and civil engineering which are based at that site.

Cooperation with the library of the University of Regensburg and the Regensburg State Library makes the Regensburg catalogue available as a joint online catalogue with an ordering service which is unique in Bavaria.

The bright, attractively designed new building with the very latest in IT facilities creates an ideal environment for effective learning and working. As well as university members, all interested members of the public are warmly invited to use the library and its many different offerings free of charge!