WebUntis is a web-based, interactive timetable system that shows the daily timetable for all study groups, lecturers and rooms. Timetables are updated on a daily basis. In addition, students can register for courses on WebUntis.

The timetables and the course registration can be found here:


For a detailed description of how to register for a class and how to see your timetable, please check the Instruction for WebUntis.

Course registration:

  • Log in with your RZ ID (xyz12345) on https://untis.othr.de/
  • Click on the icon for courses (left side).
  • Use the pencil icon to sign up for a course.
  • Please choose your priority (1= highest priority) and the course choice category "AW_Pflichtkurs".

After the placement you can see on WebUntis, whether you have received a spot in the course or not. Under "My Courses" you can see your current status.

Please note:

  • Registered = You have received a spot in the course.
  • Reserved = You are not in the course but you received a spot on the waiting list.
  • Pre-registered = You are not in the course.

It is not necessary to log in to look at the timetables:

Click on the button “Stundenplan” (1.) on the right. You can now sort for semesters, instructors (Dozent) and rooms (Raum) (2.).

Please choose the semester you are studying in or wish to take courses from (3.). You can also sort for the name of the instructor or the room. The faculty provides an additional filter.

Timetables are shown week by week. To look for a certain week either use the arrows or click on the date to sort through individual months (3.).

Please click on the courses for further information. This will provide the room, name of the instructor, dates of the course, etc.

In the Untis Mobile app you can see your weekly time table. This can be useful to check the room where your classes take place, to check if a class was cancelled, etc.
(It is not mandatory to use the app.)

You can find a QR-Code for the Untis Mobile App in you WebUntis profile under "Data access" ("Freigaben").

  • You do not need to log in to access the timetables.
  • You can log in with the user “gast” (no password) to access the overview of the rooms (Tagesübersicht Räume) and the QR Code to download the app.
  • Please contact your the Departmental International Coordinators of your faculty or the International Office if you have questions regarding the timetable.
  • Please use a current browser version.