Information for refugees and asylum seekers

Are you interested in a degree programme at OTH Regensburg? In the following you will find further information for refugees and asylum seekers.

As far as the admission to a degree programme is concerned, you will be treated just like any other international student applicant. You need to have a higher education entrance qualification and a sufficient level of German.


Recognition of Certificates

In order to attest your higher education entrance qualification, your certificates from your country of origin have to be recognized first. For this, you need to apply for a preliminary review documentation (so called “Vorprüfdokumentation” - VPD) as well as the calculation of your average grade at Uni Assist. For People who have been recognized as refugees in Germany the VPD is free of cost. (For more information on how to apply for cost exemption see here.)

To get information on which certificates have to be translated into German for the VPD, please contact Uni Assist directly. See here for further information on the recognition of your certificates.

Syrian school leaving certificates with an average better than 70% should allow an easy access to studies in Germany, especially the scientific branch. On the internet platform ANABIN [only available in German] you can see which certificates allow access to certain study programmes in Germany.

There may be a "Numerus Clausus" (limit of places available), where a quota for foreign applicants is relevant.

Applications for Master programmes may slightly differ to the process explained above. Further information can be found here.


Knowledge of German

Certain German knowledge is vital to most programs offered at OTH Regensburg. If your German is not sufficient yet, you may attend a preparatory German course (“studienvorbereitender Deutschkurs”). However, OTH Regensburg does not offer this kind of German courses.

Courses starting with a level of B1 upwards, will most likely be offered in Regensburg through the University of Regensburg [only available in German]. Course fees and Student Union fees can probably be taken over by a DAAD support program accessible via the International Office of OTH Regensburg for the summer Semester 2016 and the winter semester 2016/17. 


Online Linguistic Support

The European Commission is providing free licenses for OLS language tests and language courses. If you are interested in a free German or English online language course, contact Dr. Andrea Nuißl andrea.nuissl (at) and send her a confirmation of your status of refugee.



onSet is an online language test, which is free for refugees. The test allows you to find out about your current proficiency in English or German. This may help you to find a matching language course and gives you a proof of your proficiency.


Living costs

According to current information, living costs during the German courses may be financed by the Jobcenter (valid for the jobcenters in the Regensburg Region). Advice and some help is available via Campus Asyl [only available in German].


General information for refugees and asylum seekers regarding studies in Germany

Further information can be found on the web page of the DAAD.