Application form for exchange students

Please read the "important notes for filling the online form" on the right side first!


1. General Information for exchange programme at OTH Regensburg
1.4 Pursued degree / Study Cycle*
1.5 Purpose of your exchange*
1.6 Final Project
1.6.1 - Are you planning to do your final project at OTH Regensburg?*
1.6.2 Important note for final project:
Please be aware that not all faculties provide the opportunity to do a final project. You have to apply directly for a topic at the professors of the faculty. Therefore, you have to get in contact with the faculty/departmental coordinator in time.
If you intend to do a final project at OTH Regensburg, it is your own responsibility as a student to find a supervisor and to arrange a suitable topic before your arrival.
1.8 Mobility period*
2. Home university data
2.3. Postal address of your home university's International Office
It is very important that you state the correct and complete postal address! We will use this address for sending important documents to your home university e.g. the transcript of records.
3. Personal data of student
3.3 Gender*
3.5 Marital status*
3.8 Do you apply to International Office for a student accomodation? (Contact person Ms Hannelore Siegl-Ertl)*
3.9 Permanent address in your home country - place of residence
Current language skills
3.10.1 German*
3.10.2 English*
Contact person in case of emergency
4. Curriculum
4.1 Completed schools
4.2 Practical experience / apprenticeship (if any)
4.3 Academic studies
5. Information concerning your educational background
6. Attachments to application
Together with this online application form the following documents will complete your application:
a) Nomination (letter) from home university
Please make sure that you were nominated by your home university as an exchange student for the upcoming semester at OTH Regensburg.
Important for Non-EU students: Upon arrival you have to hand in a
copy of your passport, a copy of your visa and a copy of the entry stamp for Germany.
e) Biometrical passport photo - only necessary for NON-EU students.
You have to provide the picture upon arrival at the International Office of OTH Regensburg. Non-EU students need bring two pictures.
7. Agreement
7.1 Hereby I confirm to*
7.2 Hereby I agree that
7.3 I am aware that*
7.4 I am aware that*
7.5 Hereby I confirm that the given information is*