Departmental International Coordinators

Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Cultural Studies (ANK)

Degree programName

International Relations and Management 

Prof. Dr. Markus Bresinsky

room H 009

Tel. 0941/943-9818

Microsystems Engineering 

Gudrun Seebauer

room T 126

Tel. 0941/943 9891

Faculty of Architecture

Degree programmeName
all degree programs

Prof. Andreas Emminger

room P 215A

Tel. 0941/943-1180 (secretariat)

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Degree programmeName
all degree programs

Prof. Dr. Dimitris Diamantidis

room H 001;

Tel. 0941/943-1203

Faculty of Business Studies

Degree programmesName
Business Studies

Jenny Bingold

room S 222c               

Tel.: 0941/943-9921

Business Studies

Prof. Dr. Sandra Hamella

room S 224              

Tel.: 0941/943-1337

European Business Studies - Finland

Prof. Dr. Michael Hoeschl 

room S 208

Tel. 0941/943-1400

European Business Studies - Spain

Heinz Hager

room S 223

Tel. 0941/943-1471

European Business Studies - France

Prof. Dr. Thomas Liebetruth

room S 115

Tel. 0941/943-1390

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Degree programmsName
all degree programs

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Dietrich

room S -126

Tel. 0941/943-1102

Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Degree programmesName
all degree programs

Prof. Dr. Markus Westner

room K 206

Tel. 0941/943-9859

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Degree programmesName
all degree programs

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Wörner

room B 114

Tel. 0941/943-5178

Faculty of Social and Health Care Science

Degree programmesName
all degree programmes

Prof. Dr. Philip Anderson

room S 303

Tel. 09421/943-1088