Intuitive Interaction of Human and Machine

Using modern sensor systems and collaborative robot systems to interactively support humans makes it possible to combine human experience and skills to resolve tasks with the speed, endurance and precision of a robot system. The RRRU has accepted the challenge of merging the working spaces of Human and Machine without the conventional physical separation. Despite the gain in functionality and productivity, there is an increased risk potential to humans. The RRRU develops robot systems with multi-sensoral control processes that guarantee intrinsic safety and minimise risks to humans from the robot system which might arise due to operator error or faulty system components. Redundant control architectures monitor robot behaviour and safely shut the system down in case of safety-critical failure. The use and fusion of multi-channel diverse monitoring sensors based on 2D and 3D image processing and ultrasound causes the robot system to slow down, stop or take evasive action as soon as the human worker enters the danger area. Intuitive interfaces allow the robot to be controlled by holding and guiding and by the worker's gestures without touching the robot.

  • Project 1: Development of the CARo5X collaborative robot system as part of the EU FP7 ManuCyte research project
  • Project  2: Development of a smart workplace for online worker support and quality assurance (SWoB)