Laboratory Power Engineering


The laboratory Power Engineering consists of a gas-fired steam boiler with steam turbine, various measuring instruments as well as software for the calculation of thermodynamic cycles.

  • Steam boiler and steam turbine: The power plant, consisting of a gas-fired steam boiler, steam turbine with generator, condenser, water treatment, feed water tank and other equipment produces an electric power output of 150 kW.
  • Composition of flue gas: The content of O2, CO, CO2, SO2, NO und NO2 as well as the soot number in the flue gas can be measured.
  • Analysis of feed water: By means of different devices the content of phosphate, copper, silicic acid and iron as well as water hardness, electrical conductivity and pH-value in the feed water of the steam boiler can be determined.
  • Analysis of thermodynamic cycles: A special software enables the analysis of various thermodynamic cycles (example: power plant with steam boiler and steam turbine).
  • Analysis of solar heating: Different software packages enable the analysis of solar heating systems.
  • Properties of water and steam: The properties of water and steam can be calculated with a special software according to the latest formulation IAPWS-IF97.

The equipment of the laboratory Power Engineering is primarily used for the education of students. Beyond that a part of the equipment can be used for research and development. By internal diploma theses available test rigs are renewed as well as new test equipment is built up.