Medical Engineering (Master)

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Please address all queries to the academic counsellor: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Dendorfer

The MSc in Medical Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers you a qualification that will fit you for demanding positions in industrial businesses and for possible PhD projects. This MSc course is a joint study programme being offered by OTH Regensburg and OTH Amberg-Weiden universities of applied sciences with the focus on the two specific areas of ‘Research and Development’ and ‘Technology and Systems’.

The ‘Research and Development’ study option being offered by OTH Regensburg will enable students to acquire broader and deeper knowledge and skills in applications-based research and development in the field of medical engineering, with the emphasis on implants, biofluid mechanics, biomechanics and biomaterials. As well as teaching advanced technical knowledge, the MSc programme is designed to equip course participants with valuable soft skills and expertise in non-technical areas. Graduates will be ideally prepared to meet the demands of a responsible practical or scientific profession.

The MSc in Medical Engineering will enable you to attain a second scientific degree in the space of just three semesters.

Work areas

The MSc Medical Engineering course equips students with the ability to perform tasks requiring leadership responsibility in different areas within international businesses involved in medical engineering research, development, production and service provision. MSc graduates are able to assume overall responsibility in groups or organisations, to lead these groups and organisations in the accomplishment of complex tasks and to promote the professional development of team members. Successful completion of the MSc Medical Engineering course will also fit students for applications-based or research-based assignments and projects. The skills acquired from the MSc Medical Engineering course will enable students to assume complex technical and management duties in industry and can serve as a basis for further scientific qualifications in a subsequent cooperative PhD course or qualify them for work in scientific establishments.