Applied Research in Engineering Sciences (Master)

The Applied Research in Engineering Sciences MSc programme comprehensively trains young engineers for a career in applied research and development (aR&D). The programme is closely linked to actual aR&D projects and is supported by advanced teaching modules that are matched to the selected project. In this way the Faculty of Electrical Engineering offers a bridge between applied research and development and real-life industrial practice.

The specific engineering discipline depends on the selected research topic. The project topic will be offered by the supervising university professors out of their own R&D activities. The teaching modules will be individually assembled together with the professor as a function of the technical objectives pursued. 

The programme aspires to equip the student with an advanced scientific qualification as part of which a publishable conference paper will also be written. Each student will be supported by a professor in a research project throughout the length of the degree programme.

This MSc is a joint programme offered by the OTH Regensburg with the universities of applies sciences of Nuremberg, Deggendorf, Ingolstadt and Augsburg and can therefore offer a wide and diverse range of research topics and teaching modules.

Degree programme information

Commencement: Winter semester, summer semester
Duration: 3 semesters full-time study
Profile: Course structure and course programme [only available in German]
Study options:
Degree title: Master of Science  (M. Sc.)
Accreditation: ACQUIN  Accreditation Agency [only available in German]