Media Laboratory

Mission statement:A picture is worth a thousand words.
Purpose:The Media Laboratory was set up to educate students in the use of modern media. Today, working with computers and the internet is a fact of life, and the Media Laboratory offers these facilities with the use of a powerful video projector.
Video conferencing and the use of visualizers also play an essential part in communications and in displaying and presenting results. In the laboratory we can project different input media such as movies, video camera film, PC data or visualizers onto a range of media such as TV or video projector.
Students can also experiment with presentations which they can immediately play back with a video camera. Overall, this well equipped laboratory provides an ideal platform for working with media and for presentations.
Facilities: The Media Laboratory first opened its doors in 2001 with funding from the High Tech Offensive Bayern. Its facilities include:
  • Videoconferencing system
  • Video camera
  • Media such as TV, DVD player, amplification system
  • Host system
  • Visualizer
  • Infrared remote control for all units
Learning objectives:
  • Mastery in the handling and use of a wide diversity of media
  • Improving students’ presentation techniques