Database Laboratory

Mission statement:Dovetailing theory and practice

The Database Laboratory is concerned with the subject of databases. This primarily involves the design of databases and accessing these databases using SQL. The database servers are configured to be available on our LAN, so web and computer applications which can access these databases are possible at any time. Even complex internet applications can be created using the faculty’s own internet server. This makes it possible to achieve optimal combinations of theory in the form of database design with practice using PHP, Java or ASP/ADO.NET applications.

At the database laboratory we are fully committed to the teaching of fundamental database knowledge as well as advanced subjects such as NoSQL or distributed databases and cloud computing or object-based approaches.

  • 24 modern computer workstations
  • Smartboard
  • Database server with Oracle and MySQL, available in the laboratory pools of the faculty
Learning objectives: 
  • Database administration
  • Database design using entity relationship modelling
  • An in-depth knowledge of SQL in both theory and practice
  • A knowledge of transaction mechanisms
  • Aspects of database performance
  • A knowledge of advanced topics such as NoSQL and distributed databases