Business Studies (Master)

The aim of this MA degree programme is to teach graduates who already hold a professionally qualifying first degree in business studies the ability to be independent and self-reliant when applying scientific knowledge and methods in the field of business management and administration, particularly in areas such as marketing as well as finance, accounting, controlling and taxation.

The MA degree programme underscores both the interdisciplinary character and the economic and social responsibility of management functions in a corporate context. Graduates will be able to take on and fulfil managerial and qualified specialist tasks in business practice by acquiring and consolidating subject skills, soft skills and personality skills. The inclusion of international and intercultural aspects in the syllabus is designed to reflect the impact of globalisation on business and economics.

Degree programme information


Winter semester, summer semester

Duration:3 semesters, full-time, 90 ECTS credits
Profile:The foundation semester takes place in the winter semester, the specialisation semester in the summer semester. The modules are independent so the course can be started in either semester.
Content:In the foundation semester the emphasis is on strategic business management.
The specialisation semester offers two study options, Marketing and FACT (Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Taxation). One of these options can be selected. The third semester is dedicated to writing the Master Thesis and negotiating the Master Colloquium.
Degree title: Master of Arts
Programme language:German, some courses in English
Accreditation: FIBAA