Wood and plastics workshop

P-148, P-149A

Wood- and Plastics workshop. Photo: F. Hammerich / OTH Regensburg

The heart of the workshops of the Faculty of Architecture is the wood and plastics workshop, which is comparable to a medium-sized craft workshop. In this workshop, two master craftsmen provide students with advice and assistance and look after the large machines. The foremen explain to the students how to handle the machines and instruct them.

The wood workshop is equipped with large machines such as large format band saws, surface and thickness planing machines, vacuum membrane press, lathe, hydraulic small format press, table milling machine, slot hole drilling machine, edge sanding machine, spindle sanding machine, large plate sanding machine, panel saw and sliding table saw. All types of wood, wood-based materials and plastics can be processed with these machines. The workshop fulfils all the guidelines of a modern training workshop. A special feature is the 5-axis CNC machining centre. Students can mill their prototypes here with the laboratory engineer or foremen and quickly produce models up to a scale of 1:1. This application method also enables the production of small series.

Students are allowed to work on the large machines themselves after being instructed by the foremen. Students with a previous vocational training in carpentry or joinery can also work on the machines themselves by providing proof of the machine courses they have completed.

The foremen cover a large part of the supervision times, and in the evening the time the workshop is used is extended by tutors during the study months. The workshops are thus available to students Mo-Thu from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m and on Fri from 8 a.m. to noon.