Friedrich Mielke Institute for Scalalogy

L 109

The "Friedrich Mielke Institute for Scalalogy" comprises a unique collection on the subject of staircases as well as the basic means which serve research and teaching in all fields which are technically, artistically, literarily, philosophically, historically or spiritually concerned with the world's staircases. The basis of the collection are about 15,000 dossiers on stairs from all countries, about 35,000 pictures, numerous drawings, a specialist library, models as well as original staircase and banister parts. Also included is the necessary technical equipment for cataloguing, documenting and researching the archival records and exposita.

The following tasks are implemented in the institute:

1) Maintenance and expansion of the scientific collection and the specialist library on staircase science.

2) Application of the methods of stair research, including correct recording, documentation and typological classification, reconstruction and classification of the stairs in their architectural context as well as further development of these.

3) Accompanying and supporting the implementation of research projects in the institute's fields of study by students, teachers and external persons.

4) Close cooperation with the Master's programme in Historical Building Research at the OTH Regensburg in research and documentation and support of courses in the field of stair research.

5) Establishment and maintenance of scientific cooperation at national and international level.