Catalogue of module manuals, module plans and study plans

Currently valid module manuals, module plans and study plans

Here you will find the module manuals and plans for the individual courses in the Faculty of Architecture. A module handbook contains a list of all modules (subjects) of the course with the associated information:

  • Short name, regular semester, number of hours, type of teaching,
  • Course content, lecturers, course materials, performance records, approved aids,
  • Desired learning objectives and number of credits that can be achieved with the module.


Elective courses
In addition to the compulsory modules, students also have to take general and subject-specific elective subjects.

Information on general science elective subjects (AW module):

  •     The AW module must be chosen from the faculty ANK.
  •     Registration for the AW module takes place via WebUntis.
  •     The registration period for semester courses takes place at the beginning of the respective semester (March or Sept / Oct).
  •     You can register for a maximum of three AW modules per semester. After the registration deadline, a selection process takes place for courses with a limited number of participants.
        You can view your registration status via WebUntis.

Notes on subject-specific mandatory electives:

  •     Subjects are selected and registered on the faculty's GRIPS website
  •     Registration for the subject-specific elective must be made in the announced time frame. You will receive information regarding the time of the election beforehand from the deanery.