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Courses in English

General Sciences - Courses and Certificate Programmes

General Science Courses and Certificate Programmes "AW-Programme" are offered in the Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Cultural Studies. These courses are offered for OTH students of all faculties. Please follow the link above for further information.

Summary of English courses in General Sciences

Summer Semester

  • Area Studies USA, Dr. McClary, 3 ECTS 
  • Business English I, Ms. Rohleder, 3 ECTS
  • Business English II, 3 ECTS 
  • German Economy and Society, Ms. Seebauer, 3 ECTS 
  • How to apply in English, Ms. Seebauer, 3 ECTS 
  • Intercultural Training - Social Rules & Customs, Mrs. Bedi-Visschers, 4 ECTS 
  • Negotiation and Meetings in an Intercultural Setting, Mrs. Bedi-Visschers, 3 ECTS 
  • Research Methodology, Ms. Seebauer, 3 ECTS
  • Science and Technology in Germany, Bolderson, 5 ECTS 
  • Technical English I, Bolderson/Meller, 3 ECTS

Winter Semester

  • German Economy and Society Ms. Seebauer 3 ECTS virtual
  • How to apply in English Ms. Seebauer 3 ECTS virtual
  • Research Methodology Ms. Seebauer 3 ECTS virtual
  • Getting to Yes Mr. Verhoeff 3 ECTS virtual
  • Technical English I Bolderson/ Meller 3 ECTS virtual
  • Technical English for Biomedical Applications Ms. Würtenberg 3 ECTS virtual
  • Advanced Technical English: Communication Skills Mr. Bolderson 3 ECTS virtual
  • Business English I Ms. Rohleder 3 ECTS virtual
  • English Grammar Refresher B1 Mrs. Holzapfel 3 ECTS virtual
  • Academic Writing Mrs. Holzapfel 3 ECTS virtual
  • Applied Leadership & Management Exercise II Mr. von Reusner 3 ECTS virtual
  • Design Thinking Mr. Kästle 3 ECTS virtual
  • Intercultural Training – Online block course Mrs. Bedi-Visschers 4 ECTS


Winter Semester

  • International Politics & Institutions - International conflicts, Prof. Dr. Bresinsky, 6 ECTS, (curriculum semester: 3) 
  • International Marketing & Sales, 7 ECTS, (curriculum semester: 3) 

Summer Semester

  • European Politics and Institutions, Prof. Dr. Bresinsky, 6 ECTS, (curriculum semester: 2)
  • Negotiation, Ms Julie Rohleder, 3 ECTS, (curriculum semester: 6) 
  • Presentation, Ms Julie Rohleder, 3 ECTS, (curriculum semester: 6)

For  questions, please contact Prof. Dr. Bresinsky

Summer Semester

  • Sensors and Biotechnology, 5 ECTS 

Winter Semester

  • Optoelectronics, 8 ECTS 
  • Photonics and Laser Technology,5 ECTS
  • Fiberoptic Communication, 5 ECTS

Summer Semester 

  • Higher Engineering Mathematics, 8 ECTS 
  • Applied Optics, 5 ECTS 
  • LED Technology, 5 ECTS 
  • Project Optoelectronics with Labview, 5 ECTS 
  • Electronic Product Engineering, 5 ECTS 

Winter Semester 

  • Optoelectronics, 8 ECTS 
  • Photonics and Laser, 5 ECTS
  • Cybernetics, 5 ECTS 
  • Fiberoptic Communication, 5 ECTS
  • Multiprocessor and Multicore Design for Reliable Embedded Systems (Block course every March), 5 ECTS


Advanced Semiconductor Technology

  • In order to attend the module Advanced Semiconductor Technology: 
    • Choose any 2 sub-modules from the list, which will be published here.  
    • The two grades of the sub-modules will be combined and you will get one combined grade for the module Advanced Semiconductor Technology 

Winter Semester 2021/22

  • TBC: Prof. Chang Wei Sea; Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia - block course in February 2022; more information in due course
  • Dr. Knapek; Brünn - course during the semester; Vaccum Systems and Technologies; 
  • Application of Surface Acoustic Waves; Dr. Ebbecke; Osram Opto Semiconductors - course during semester

For further information, please contact Mrs. Seebauer.


Other Block Courses 

TBC: Multiprocessor and Multicore Design for Reliable Embedded Systems; Prof. Dr. Yap (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia); dates in March 2022 to be confimed; room tbc; 5 ECTS as a consolidation module in Master Electrical and Microsystems Engineering


For further questions, please contact Mrs. Seebauer

German as Foreign Language

Intensive German language courses (only available in September for winter semester students)

German for beginners – first steps (A1) 3 ECTS

German medium level - intermediate (A2/-B1) 6 ECTS

German advanced (B2/C1) 3 ECTS

The intensive courses won’t bring you to the next level, yet they are very helpful to improve your German skills, so you can continue with the suitable course during the semester.


German language courses in winter semester 21/22

Course list will be released soon.

You can orientate on the course list of summer semester 21:

German for beginners (A1) 9 ECTS

Linguistic structures (A1/ A2) 4 ECTS

Linguistic structures (A2/ B1) 4 ECTS

Technical German I (A2/B1) 4 ECTS

Technical German II (B2/C1) 4 ECTS

Schreiben im Studium (B1 – C1) 4 ECTS

German Phonetics (A1-C1) 4 ECTS

Konversation (B2/ C1) 4 ECTS


For further information please visit the "AW-Programme" website or contact