Nov. 1975 - July 1980Studies of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Germany
July 1980Graduation (Diploma Degree) at the Technical University of Munich
February 1984Doctoral Degree at the Technical University of Munich
LanguagesGreek, English, German, Italian


Oct. 1980 - Oct. 1984 Research Assistant, Department of Civil Engineering, Chair of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Technical University of Munich, Germany.
Nov. 1984 - June 1987 Senior Research Engineer with Veritas Research (Research Division of DnV), Oslo, Norway.
July 1987 - Aug. 1992Technical Manager with the international consulting company D'Appolonia, Genoa, Italy.
since Sept. 1992Professor for Structural and Reliability Analysis at OTH Regensburg, Germany and consulting engineer.


  • Risk analysis, reliability analysis and seismic hazard studies for several offshore structures and pipelines in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Risk Analysis of several tunnels in Greece, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, U.K. and Australia.
  • Risk analysis (seismic risk, flood risk) of dams and nuclear power plants in Italy.
  • Structural design and supervision of several buildings in Germany.
  • Damage analysis and safety verification of several existing buildings and bridges in Germany as a publicly appointed expert.


  • More than 100 publications in books, scientific journals and international conferences.
  • Member of several scientific and code committees such as JCSS (Joint Committee Structural Safety), ISO (International Standards Organisation), ACQUIN (accreditation of study programs) fiB T.G. 3.1.
  • Research cooperation projects related to safety in structural codes, climate change, environmental risks, assessment of existing structures with various Universities in Europe, U.S.A., Brazil, Australia, and South Africa.
  • Lectures and seminars in the field of risk and structural analysis at several universities and institutions in Europe, U.S.A., Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.